Vans OTW "Bedford" (USED)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012 1 Comments

  • Price :350
  • Size : US11/UK10 (fit for those who wear UK9)
  • Remark :pristine condition.wear less than 5x
  • Reason : Not Using It.
  • Contact: : Post Message Via Facebook , Email or Phone (For Fast Response)
Facebook:Nurazlan Garage Sales
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H/P : 013 -2781305(Strictly Text or Message)
  • Personal Warranty 1 Weeks ( Personal Warranty Not Include Damage During Postage)
  • Shop Warranty Nil ,
Dealing Method :
  1. COD : Cash On Delivery , Workdays Any LRT Station , Weekdays at Sepang or Area Nearby
  2. Postage : The Buyers Pay The Fees & Bear the risk during postage.


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