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Item No. 01 - Naruto (M) | My Price : RM 75 *Free Shipping*
Item No. 02 - One Piece (L) | My Price : RM 75 *Free Shipping*

Item No. 03 - UT One Piece *New Design - 13/02/2012*

  • Shipping & Handling cost depends on weight, so ORDER MORE if you want to SAVE MORE.
  • 1-6 UNIQLO T-Shirt : [ RM 70 x 6 ] + RM 70 (Shipping & Handling cost for weight less than 1kg) = RM 490 (~RM 80 / UNIQLO T-Shirt )

*Please click on the picture redirect to UNIQLO UT One Piece

How to make an Order(s) :

  1. Please leave link of UNIQLO Japan product(s) that you want at this topic. (+)UNIQLO Japan
  2. I will PM you the quotation price for your order.
  3. You make the full payment as agreed.
  4. I place your order at UNIQLO Japan
I will update you as much as possible regarding your order.

NOTICE: ETA of your order - 7-10 business days maximum if no problem with delivery and buy more if you want to save on shipping cost smile.gif
  • Price :Depend On Quantity And Type * Provide Your Quotation ,We Will Provide Our Price
  • Size : UNIQLO Size Chart

  • Contact: : Post Message Via Facebook , Email or Phone (For Fast Response)
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H/P : 013 -2781305(Strictly Text or Message)
  • Personal Warranty 1 Weeks ( Personal Warranty Not Include Damage During Postage)
  • Shop Warranty Nil , Since Directly From Japan
Dealing Method :
  1. COD : Cash On Delivery , Workdays Any LRT Station , Weekdays at Sepang or Area Nearby
  2. Postage : The Buyers Pay The Fees & Bear the risk during postage.

Please read and understand the T&Cs below before placing order. Once order made, it means that you have agreed with the term and conditions noted.
Terms and Conditions:
  1. We served for those who are interested on purchasing the items listed and can wait for the goods to be delivered.
  2. It will take around 2 days 5 day depend on the availability to receive your parcel as it needs time for my partner to send the item from Store to the address you provide me.
  3. Items will be sent on next working day after payment made. (If the payment on the Friday , The Shipment will be sent out the next working day)
  4. Items sold are not refundable or exchangeable.
  5. Cancellation/changes of item(s) will NOT be allowed once order is confirmed.
  6. Prices are fixed for Pre-Order Item , buyers are required to pay in full amount before I send out by postage.
  7. Price can be Negotiate on the Used Item , buyers are required to PAY HALF or Deposit before COD at the location that we agreed. Avoid Any FFK Buyer(FFK stands for Fong Fei Kei A Cantonese term which means to cancel on a deal last minute, usually without telling the person)*
  8. Used Item , Any Problem during personal warranty, the buyers will be Refund Right Away.
  9. Please make the payment within 1 days once order is made. Failure to receive the fund will cancel the order and will be list in the blacklist.
  10. There might be underestimated delay due to unforeseen possibilities.
  11. We will not be held responsible for any damage or items lost in post.
  12. We reserved the rights to change the terms and conditions without prior notice


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